Position: The position of Global Sales Manager will be responsible for leading sales of the company's by-products, which include oils & essences, fibres, compounds, and more. Developing alongside a new team focusing on this area and expanding on relations with existing customers and branching out on a global scale to bring in new business. This will involve working with other departments on shared responsibilities, such as identifying market trends, monitoring product quality, and conducting a technical sales process.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Structure the sales area for new products, establishing processes to obtain new customers, with technically trained salespeople prepared to work close to the customer.
  • Articulate the commercial strategy for new products (Oils, Essences, Fibres and Purees), as well as future additions to the portfolio, such as compounds.
  • Ensuring that the results of the sales teams are in line with the plan and devise plans for course correction when necessary.
  • Develop team by balancing assignments and training.
  • Use information on competitive market dynamics (competitors, customers, and macro trends) collected by the marketing sector to ensure the strategic direction of sales.
  • Ensuring synergy between product and application development and technical sales, encouraging the ideal behaviour of parallel performance of the two positions with customers.
  • Conduct technical sales process, with intermediation of the interface between customers and PDA.
  • Identify market trends for strategic direction of the sales process.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with agile sales process.
  • Monitor the quality of the products delivered if they meet the technical specifications and if the deliveries are made within the stipulated deadlines.
  • Contribute best practice references in the ingredients market. • Encourage the operation of the sales team in an agile way, favouring decentralized decisions and rapid learning.
  • Show integrity and commitment to the Company’s ESG agenda.
  • Admitting that reasoned experimentation with new customers and development projects is supported and recognized , even if it fails.
  • Foster strong cross-industry collaboration, especially between sales and R&D to make salespeople more technical and developers more adept at selling.
  • Be responsible for initially one direct report, with two or three more expect within a year and more beyond.

Key Requirements:

  • Ideally a technical Background, Including a Relevant Degree in a Technically Related Subject and/or MBA level.
  • 10+ Years in Sales Related Roles, Focusing on Ingredients.
  • Experience Growing and Developing Accounts with Existing and New Customers.
  • Technical Capacity on the Development Process and Applications of New Products in Ingredients.
  • Ability to Manage Multiple Iterative Sales Processes.
  • Ability to build and Maintain Business Relationships.
  • Leadership of Multi-Regional Teams, Capable of Optimizing Asynchronous Work.
  • Ability to Negotiate Terms and Prices.

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