About the job:
Within this role, you’ll demonstrate a consistently high-level of business sense, decision-making expertise and will provide solutions for this company’s business and customers.Our client is ideally looking for an individual that’s based in Rotterdam, but the person can be located anywhere in the Netherlands. In this role, you’ll become a trusted advisor to all internal stakeholders and will introduce strong intellect, experience, communication skills and leadership to a crucial sector of this company’s European operations.



  • Provide regulatory compliance for all parameters involved in the production of ingredients across the supply chain, such as raw materials, manufacturing aids, additives, fumigant, etc.
  • First point of contact for quality-related questions from customers
  • Lead and support IQ team on food safety and regulatory compliance
  • Provide support and guidance to local organizations to guarantee a high-level of compliance for all new products
  • Translate data related to risk into insightful information to influence key decision-making
  • Consistently keep accurate information on regulatory changes and build a database of quality documents
  • Keep accurate records on complaints and changes in regulatory matters
  • Assist with improving regulatory systems and streamlining processes
  • Regularly monitor and collect data on food safety alerts, potential issues, and contaminants to products affected
  • Represent the firm within relevant associations for the industry to anticipate potential regulatory changes
  • Train and mentor junior colleagues in Regulatory Affair team and inform internal stakeholders on future changes in legislation
  • Provide support in specification review and approval, from external and internal origins
  • Build strong and effective business relationships with quality managers, sales and customer services teams as well as local teams


  • Around 10 years of experience as a Regulatory Affairs or Quality and Compliance Manager
  • Master's degree in Food Technology or Food Chemistry or similar
  • Strong ability to develop and maintain relationships with regional and global customers
  • Excellent communication skills with utmost respect for stakeholders and fellow team members
  • Proficiency with the English language – both written and spoken

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