Production Coordinator

  • Industry: Fruit Concentrates & Specialty Ingredients
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • Scope: Europe (Supporting Global)

The Role: My client, who are a global ingredients producer are currently looking to recruit a Production Coordinator who will be responsible for guaranteeing the deliveries of the tactical and operational plans as agreed as per company’s budget annual cycles. The role will also include activities related to terminal production and operations processes, such as supply chain planning, bulk loading/unloading, storage, warehousing, blending, drum filling, drum dumping and maintenance, assuring that operational objectives are achieved in efficient and cost effective ways, keeping the quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Key Responsibilities

  • Together with the other members of the management team, provide input for and translate the strategic choices for the company into tactical and operational plans in order to create a working environment where people understand what is expected from them and are able to achieve (their part of) organizational goals and objectives.
  • To manage and supervise production planning activities in a close cooperation with sales and customer service teams in order to optimize the production processes in terms of cost efficiency and client service levels.
  • To manage production activities (unloading, storage, blending, drum filling, loading) in line with global company policies in order to ensure that goods are produced in an effective and cost-efficient way and in line with client agreements (quantities, qualities, timing…).
  • Within overall budgets and agreements, to organize and supervise all terminal related maintenance & CapEx matters, as well as related projects to make sure that all equipment is at all moments capable to handle the required production and logistics processes in an effective and cost-efficient manner.
  • Within overall budgets and agreements, negotiate and execute purchasing deals related to packaging and maintenance equipment in order to make sure that the company has at all times the necessary equipment available – at best possible conditions – to run the operations.
  • Supervise and verify that the people in the operations teams are applying all appropriate quality procedures in order to fulfil the related requirements (and as such contribute to maximizing the achievement of quality objectives).
  • Supervise and verify that the people in the operations teams are applying all appropriate safety, security and environmental procedures in order to fulfil the related requirements (and as such contribute to minimizing related risks and fulfilling internal and external policies, laws and requirements).
  • Within overall HR policies, to manage all people related processes and issues, assuring that all production personnel are sufficient, trained, motivated and able to perform in accordance to the workload and related challenges in an adequate and competent way. Motivate the blue-collar workers and create a work climate that fosters the concern for client satisfaction and cost-efficiency.
  • To assure that production and operations areas are managed with appropriate KPI’s and that goals and targets have been reached in order to keep the daily operations in a optimal level during all times.
  • Be prepared to participate in weekly and monthly performance meetings in order to provide operational reports to upper management levels.

Required Skills & Experiences

  • BA degree in Engineering (Food, Chemical, Mechanical, Production or equivalent). MSc in production engineering, would be considered more beneficial
  • An MBA in Management also considered a strong advantage
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in production supervision/management level, preferably with a background in food and beverage industry
  • Ideally technical knowledge in quality control, improvement cycles and cost optimization projects
  • Fluency in Dutch & English is mandatory
  • Experience working with SAP
  • A strong team player with strong interpersonal skills and management characteristics
  • Focus on operational improvements and routine management as well as high level planning and organisational skills.


Charlie Packwood [+44 113 323 0994]

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